Version: 3 (English)
Application: Office

CINICALC is developed to be a calculation tool for thermal insulation for industries. Applicable for hot and cold services in pipelines, equipment and storage tanks.

The tool enables you to calculate heat loss (and energy saving) of both insulated and uninsulated systems, (economic) insulation thickness (linked to heat loss and surface / protective temperature), cooling down time of a static tank or vessel and more.

In case you decide to order CINICALC, you also accept a license agreement with CaloSoft (F) and CINI (NL). A mandatory maintenance license agreement offers you database support (with the newest insulation materials), the disposition of the latest version and support during installation in case you change a computer. On a yearly base CINI charges 15% (340 euros) for this. These costs will be invoiced in Ocotober each year. The license is assigned to only one computer.